Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am getting down to the wire here. I am so grateful for all the love the community has shown us the past few weeks. I have heard so many stories from customers about how Pat's Place has been a part of their lives the past thirty years. I have even heard stories of the grocery store that was here before our time. I love all the history and would love to find a way to record every bit of it to keep it alive. The Show Low Museum is planning a Pat's Place room. They want to incorporate some of the history of Nick's Market and how the building evolved into Pat's Place. It will be very exciting to record some of that history.

The final day, April 13th, I am having a Farewell Wall. For $1 anyone can sign the wall as a farewell gesture. All the money raised plus a matching donation will be donated to the VFW to pay postage to mail packages to our soldiers overseas.

It's off to work now.


Rocky Steinmetz said...

Hi Trish, this is Rocky, I too will miss Pats Place, You and Pat were very helpful to me growing up. Thank you both for giving me my first job and allowing me to work in your restaraunt for nearly 3 years. Still to this day working for you and Pat has been the best memories and it was my favorite job. Never again will I have a job that allowed me to be myself, have fun, and make money all at the same time. Thank you for everything, I cannot wait for the cookbook to be posted online!

Athanasios said...

Hey Trish, it's Tyler. I stumbled upon this blog (a tad late I suppose) and wanted to say a few things. Thank you and Pat for working me for the 3 years I was there. Pat's was my first real job and it's only because of you guys that I have enough experience to get jobs in other restaurants. To this day I havn't had employers that were as laid-back and treated me as well as you guys.
- Tyler