Friday, June 27, 2008


We'll be out in front of where Pat's used to be for our First Annual Pat's Place Reunion on July 4th. The parade starts at 9 a.m. this year so we'll be there by 8 a.m. Hope to see all of you.

This month sure has gone by quickly. I had the grandsons for nine days while Corey and Rainie took a vacation to Cancun. They were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. Those boys are loads of fun but they sure are a lot of work, too. They spend a lot of time outside so they need a bath every night. They hardly ever stop eating. You better have lots and lots of fruit in the house when they are around.

I have been working on some of the recipes for the cookbook. I made pizza for the family last week. I still need to work on the recipe a little. It's not quite the same at home as it is making large quantities for the restaurant. The sauce was good but the crust isn't quite right. I am going to try the Mexican Sauce this weekend.

I have been having loads of fun working in my yard. I am working on painting one of the bedrooms, as well. Rainie and I have been sewing for the next craft show. We are going to be at Pioneer Days in Snowflake July 17 and 18. Stop by and see us if you are over that way.

Rainie and I are heading up to Red Rock Lavendar Farm next week. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd love to hear from all of you.


totalljen said...

Hey Guys.. Its me Jen.. when I heard Pat's was closing I think I had a little heart wrenching.. I could have cried.. Pat's has been such a huge part of my life.. Not just working there.. eating there and reminiscing there.. I remember when your family bought the property behind my grandmas house I was so upset.. little did I know how big a part of my life you all would be.. not only did I play with your kids out back and run from the lightening (Rainie!) and swing from trees, we had an over all fun experience.. My earliest memory of Pat's Place was going there with Emi and getting permission to bus tables for fun haha.. Then working there more than 10 yrs ago! I cant believe its been that long.. Well I have to say I will miss the Grinders and the personal pizza with raw tomatoes! I hope this change finds you more happiness.Im sure its a load off.. Miss you guys.. Maybe I'll see you the 4th.. love always
Jennifer (cessna) Hughes

Trish Pat's Place Pizza said...

Thanks, Jen. Funny how life works sometimes. I remember all you kidscamping out in the yard between our house and your grandma's house. All my grandkids love my little corner of paradise here. Rainie's boys are here all the time and still love to spend the night.
I'm glad you have such good memories of Pat's. We do, too, but sometimes it's just time to move on. I feel blessed to have had a business that brought so much happiness and so many fond memories to so many people.

SmallDL said...

I just found out that Pats Place had closed. I was on doing a search to find a nice bed and breakfast up in Show Low, that my husband and I could go to when he comes back from his deployment in Nov.
I am so sad that I can't take him to Pats Place, to get the best pizza I have ever had. I grew up in Show Low, and my family and I would regularly visit every week. I must say I can't wait for the cook book.
My family hated moving from the little town of Show Low, but jobs have a way of making you do that.
Needless to say the Barela family will miss you guys very much.

Danika Thomas (Barela)

sd boys said...

I stumbled upon this site just checking on what they built were pats place was I always hated Trish and thought she was mean but come to find out she was just mean boss sometimes u gotta be that way to be a boss me and my cousins came to showlow in 03 I think I was running from California at time problems law the drama anyways I know am married live in az still have kids and still go back and visit showlow the most racist town I've ever met in my life but pats family was always good people we were basically bunch of bad kids that expected to much from these down home Christian people either way ill miss all that shit pats place was a great part of my life even rainies thought of the day lol or cigarrette after cigarrete bill stahl pat putting away a 24 pack of Budweiser burning pizzas and blaming some kid who just started then giving me a ride home lecturing me how to be a better man all the while looking out for the law in his rearview either way they helped shape this great loved man and successful too one day Trish said to me hey you shouldn't be a waiter cause your lousy at it after people would request me to her face now I hated the restaurant busniss but now I've been catering for big catering Mexican restaurant on southern az for over 7 years and make a great living what's up to all who knew us cali boys we shook that sleepy town up !!!!!! Sincerely Jaime! Sd